The Natural One


Whether you are one with nature or just love a vintage look this razor will meet your requirements. Made purely from Alloy and Bamboo this traditional safety razor not only eliminates the use of plastic but it would take a prime position on any razor stand.

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The grain of the bamboo makes every single razor unique offering a slightly different shade or pattern. If knowing that nobody else has the same razor appeals to you, then look no further.

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A perfect pairing - the bamboo traditional razor looks amazing when combined with our badger hair wooden handle shaving brush.

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The Stylish One


Our stylish traditional razor is designed for the modern traveller who wants to take his razor with him. It is small and compact but perfectly balanced in its weight.

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Made from black brass and alloy this traditional safety razor looks sleek and modern. The contrast between the black handle and shiny head make the razor stand out.

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